See the link below to go to the Find Your Representative web page. This will take you to a U.S. government web site. The web site looks like it has a very good data base of contact information for our United States Congressional Representatives.  Also it does allow you to post your own views on what you see as important for our nation. Simply click the link below.  Then follow the information that you read on the web site. This includes entering the zip code for your home address inside the box to the right of "Enter your zip code".  


Then to email your Congressional Representative find and click on the small email button on the screen that looks like the image in this paragraph. email image Then fill out the form and write your message using your own wording or you can copy and paste information on this site showing that TPP is bad for US with your own editing.

If you see the negatives of TPP as I do tell your congressional representative to vote "No" on TPP every and any time it comes before a congressional vote. Let them know that if they vote in favor of TPP, you will NOT vote for the representative. Also let them know that if they voted "Yes" Or "Aye" to give Barack Obama fast track authority for TPP in the vote they had in congress in June of 2015. Unless they vote "No" in the next vote, which is now required to get it to pass Congress, then you will never vote for the representative again. The congressional representatives are suppose to be for the majority of the people of their congressional district and majority of people of our nation. From what you can see from reading the content of this site. TPP is instead primarily for the benefit of multi-national corporations to protect their global investments and then expand and increase their already high profits. 

Tell Congress Reject the TPPTo call your member of Congress or Senators you can dial the following phone number 202-224-3121. Then follow the messages that you get on the phone including typing in your zip code when the recorded message asks for this information. 

When speaking or writing please be polite, but don't allow deliberate deception. As a clear and obvious example of deception today. The corporate lobbyists could have an advertisement on the Google search engine that they pay for with perhaps every click or perhaps it could even be a monthly fee that they now pay Google to spread their obvious deliberate deception. Since the negatives of TPP are rarely covered in the online media, newspapers, TV or radio today since they are primarily funded by corporate advertisements. The main way people get information on TPP is to look up TPP using a Google search. Doing this you can look up a lot of factual information on the negatives of TPP.

Now however, when doing a Google search with any wording that includes TPP, Trans-Pacific or Pacific Partnership you can get an advertisement at the top or towards the top of your screen. This is easy to see with the green Ad button to the left of the advertisement text. On July 9, 2016 as seen by web author, Mark Sanguinetti, if you clicked on an advertisement button you could go to a web page that says "Contact Congress" and below this "Tell Congress: Act On TPP". Yes, we should contact our member of congress, but not using a dishonest web site. Only an honest web site that allows you to state your own views, for example the U.S. web site with above link. 

As an obvious example of dishonesty, the form on a TPP promoting advertisement web site, which was seen on July 9, 2016 and more days after, but fortunately is not seen by the web site author on July 23, 2016, only allowed you to type in your Name, Email address, Phone Number, Home Address and Zip Code. It did not allow you to type in any of your own text allowing you to state your own actual views on TPP. Instead it included its own text promoting TPP. This form does or did not even let you read the entire text promoting TPP that would be sent to your member of congress. The form could have more easily allowed for this, but we have obvious deception today promoting TPP. And in a debate if we did our research on TPP and we were allowed to actually speak or write. I wonder if the corporate promoting lobbyists would stay in the debate or whether they would run away after having to hear factual information on trade between nations, especially as this pertains to the United States? As a clear example, the corporate lobbyists don't want you to even type in your own views on TPP, while sending their form to congress. This might be too scary for them.

Please speak and write for yourself on your views of TPP when you contact your member of congress. Also please do your best to be polite when you speak and write. This might be the biggest challenge that we face today, especially when we see obvious deliberate deception from the corporate promoters of TPP.

Source: Mark Sanguinetti, Web Site Author

Tell Your Member of Congress: NO TPP
Tell Your Member of Congress: NO TPP