Some of our Congressional Representatives and Senators are for the majority of the people of our nation. However, some of them are not. Instead they are primarily in favor of their election campaign donors. This can be seen by examining bills they have brought before congress for a vote and how they have voted on other Representatives’ congressional bills. Also which bills passed with a majority of votes and became law.

As an example, voting yes and giving the President Fast Track Authority, also called Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to negotiate trade agreements that Congress can approve or deny, but cannot amend or filibuster turns trade authority from Congress to the President. This does not follow Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution, which states that. “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives”. Either that or the TPP, which President Barack Obama has been promoting will not raise revenue for the United States, only for multi-national corporations.

TPP negotiation did not begin with members of Congress. Actual textual input is from more than 600 corporate lobbyists, some of which could be the lawyers of ISDS, which grants multi-national corporations with their investors the right to sue governments at any level, state and federal. These ISDS suits under three corporate lawyers also acting as judges may impose fines on governments if they rule their laws have lessened the profits of corporations. This could be seen after reading some of the text of TPP, which is vaguely written with legal jargon or with current or past lawsuits under NAFTA.. Congress was left out of the negotiation process and were only allowed to read its content behind closed doors with a security guard. Or as Senator Barbara Boxer was told by a guard, “you can’t take notes”. Then when she replied, “I can’t take notes?” the guard says, “Well, you can take notes and have to give them back to me, and I’ll put them in a file”. This was before the congressional fast track vote on June 18, 2015, which passed with a vote of 218 “yes” and 208 “No”.

Three Congressional MonkeysSo how did a bill like this pass Congress? Answer: It was added to a favorable unrelated bill, H.R. 2146: Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act. This favorable bill allows retired federal law enforcement officers and firefighters over the age of 50 and with 20 years of service to withdraw money from their retirement funds without any tax penalty. Typically there is a 10 percent tax penalty on retirement funds withdrawn before the age of 59½. Even though law enforcement officers and firefighters are able to retire at the age of 50 after 20 years of service.

So should Congressional Representatives voting "Yes", or as they pronounce it "Aye" on a bill only look at and listen to the good and none of the bad or evil? Only if they are one of the three monkeys or are related to them. Or if they think the majority of the people of our nation will follow the three monkeys whenever they examine something. Feel free to be nice to the monkeys, but work to educate them.  Realize that "Aye" can be a very good pronunciation for monkeys, but teach them to say "No" also.  

Source: Mark Sanguinetti, Web Site Author

Below is the congressional vote count for the passage of Fast Track Authority on June 18, 2015. For more verification research this online. Here is one link to double check this vote count for accuracy including the spelling of congressional representatives' names.

Congressional Representatives Who Voted No- 208
Dist Name Vote Party
AL 4 Aderholt, Robert No Rep.
AL 5 Brooks, Mo No Rep.
AL 6 Palmer, Gary No Rep.
AZ 1 Kirkpatrick, Ann No Dem.
AZ 3 Grijalva, Raul No Dem.
AZ 7 Gallejo, Ruben No Dem.
AZ 9 Sinema, Kyrsten No Dem.
CA 2 Huffman, Jared No Dem.
CA 3 Garamendi, John No Dem.
CA 5 Thompson, Mike No Dem.
CA 6 Matsui, Doris No Dem.
CA 8 Cook, Paul No Rep.
CA 9 McNerney, Jerry No Dem.
CA 11 DeSaulnier, Mark No Dem.
CA 12 Pelosi, Nancy No Dem.
CA 13 Lee, Barbara No Dem.
CA 14 Speier, Jackie No Dem.
CA 15 Swalwell, Eric No Dem.
CA 17 Honda, Mike No Dem.
CA 18 Eshoo, Anna No Dem.
CA 19 Lolfgren, Zoe No Dem.
CA 24 Capps, Lois No Dem.
CA 26 Brownley, Julia No Dem.
CA 27 Chu, Judy No Dem.
CA 28 Schiff, Adam No Dem.
CA 29 Cardenas, Tony No Dem.
CA 30 Sherman, Brad No Dem.
CA 31 Aguilar, Pete No Dem.
CA 32 Napolitano, Grace No Dem.
CA 33 Lieu, Ted No Dem.
CA 34 Becerra, Xavier No Dem.
CA 35 Torres, Norma No Dem.
CA 36 Ruiz, Raul No Dem.
CA 37 Bass, Karen No Rep.
CA 38 Sanchez, Linda No Dem.
CA 40 Roybal-Allard, Lucille No Dem.
CA 41 Takano,Mark No Dem.
CA 43 Waters, Maxine No Dem.
CA 44 Hahn, Janice No Dem.
CA 46 Sanchez, Loretta No Dem.
CA 47 Lowenthal, Alan No Dem.
CA 48 Rohrabacher, Dana No Rep.
CA 50 Hunter, Duncan No Rep.
CA 51 Vargas, Juan No Dem.
CO 1 DeGette, Diana No Dem.
CO 4 Buck, Ken No Rep.
CO 7 Perlmutter, Ed No Dem.
CT 1 Larson, John No Dem.
CT 2 Courtney, Joe No Dem.
CT 3 DeLauro, Rosa No Dem.
CT 5 Esty, Elizabeth No Dem.
DE Carney, John No Dem.
FL 2 Graham, Gwen No Dem.
FL 5 Brown, Corrine No Dem.
FL 8 Posey, Bill No Rep.
FL 9 Grayson, Alan No Dem.
FL 10 Webster, Daniel No Rep.
FL 11 Nugent, Richard No Rep.
FL 14 Castor, Kathy No Dem.
FL 18 Murphy, Patrick No Dem.
FL 19 Clawson, Curt No Rep.
FL 20 Hastings, Alcee No Dem.
FL 21 Deutch, Theodore No Dem.
FL 22 Frankel, Lois No Dem.
FL 24 Wilson, Frederica No Dem.
GA 2 Bishop, Sanford No Dem.
GA 3 Westmoreland, Lynn No Rep.
GA 4 Johnson, Hank No Dem.
GA 5 Lewis, John No Dem.
GA 9 Collins, Doug No Rep.
GA 13 Scott, David No Dem.
HI 1 Takai, Mark No Dem.
HI 2 Gabbard, Tulsi No Dem.
ID 1 Labrador, Raul No Rep.
IL 1 Rush, Bobby No Dem.
IL 2 Kelly, Robin No Dem.
IL 3 Lipinski, Daniel No Dem.
IL 4 Gutierrez, Luis No Dem.
IL 7 Davis, Danny No Dem.
IL 8 Duckworth, Tammy No Dem.
IL 9 Schakowsky, Jan No Dem.
IL 11 Foster, Bill No Dem.
IL 17 Bustos, Cheri No Dem.
IN 1 Viscloskey, Peter No Dem.
IN 7 Carson, Andre No Dem.
IA 2 Loebsack, David No Dem.
KY 3 Yarmuth, John No Dem.
KY 4 Massie, Thomas No. Rep.
LA 2 Richmond, Cedric No Dem.
LA 4 Fleming, John No Rep.
ME 1 Pingree, Charlie No Dem.
ME 2 Poliquin, Bruce No Rep.
MD 1 Harris, Andy No Rep.
MD 2 Ruppenberger, A. Dutch No Dem.
MD 3 Sarbanes, John No Dem.
MD 4 Edwards, Donna No Dem.
MD 5 Hoyer, Steny No Dem.
MD 7 Cummings, Elijah No Dem.
MD 8 Van Hollen, Chris No Dem.
MA 1 Neal, Richard No Dem.
MA 2 McGovern, Jim No Dem.
MA 3 Tsongas, Niki No Dem.
MA 4 Kennedy, Joseph No Dem.
MA 5 Clarke, Katherine No Dem.
MA 6 Moulton, Seth No Dem.
MA 7 Capuano, Michael No Dem.
MA 8 Lynch, Stephen No Dem.
MA 9 Keating, William No Dem.
MI 3 Amash, Justin No Rep.
MI 5 Kildee, Daniel No Dem.
MI 9 Levin, Sander No Dem.
MI 12 Dingell, Debbie No Dem.
MI 13 Conyers, John No Dem.
MI 14 Lawrence, Brenda No Dem.
MN 1 Walz, Timothy No Dem.
MN 4 McCollum, Betty No Dem.
MN 5 Ellison, Keith No Dem.
MN 7 Peterson, Collin No Dem.
MN 8 Nolan, Richard No Dem.
MS 2 Thompson, Bennie No Dem.
MO 1 Clay, Lacy No Dem.
MO 5 Cleaver, Emanuel No Dem.
NV 1 Titus, Dina No Dem.
NH 2 Kuster, Ann No Dem.
NJ 1 Norcross, Donald No Dem.
NJ 2 LoBiondo, Frank No Rep.
NJ 3 MacArthur, Tom No Rep.
NJ 4 Smith, Chris No Rep.
NJ 5 Garrett, Scott No Rep.
NJ 6 Pallone, Frank No Dem.
NJ 8 Sires, Albio No Dem.
NJ 9 Pascrell, Bill No Dem.
NJ 12 Watson Coleman, Bonnie No Dem.
NM 1 Lujan Grisham, Michelle No Dem.
NM 2 Pearce, Steve No Rep.
NM 3 Lujan, Ben No Dem.
NY 1 Zeldin, Lee No Rep.
NY 3 Israel, Steve No Dem.
NY 6 Meng, Grace No Dem.
NY 7 Velazquez, Nydia No Dem.
NY 8 Jeffries, Hakeem No Dem.
NY 9 Clarke, Yvette No Dem.
NY 10 Nadler, Jerrold No Dem.
NY 11 Donovan, Daniel No Rep.
NY 12 Maloney, Carolyn No Dem.
NY 13 Rangel, Charles No Dem.
NY 14 Crowley, Joe No Dem.
NY 15 Serrano, Jose No Dem.
NY 16 Engel, Eliot No Dem.
NY 17 Lowey, Nita No Dem.
NY 18 Maloney, Sean No Dem.
NY 19 Gibson, Christopher No Rep.
NY 20 Tonko, Paul No Dem.
NY 24 Katko, John No Rep.
NY 25 Slaughter, Louise No Dem.
NY 26 Higgins, Brian No Dem.
NY 27 Collins, Brian No Rep.
NC 1 Butterfield, G.K. No Dem.
NC 3 Jones, Walter No Rep.
NC 4 Price, David No Dem.
NC 11 Meadows, Mark No Rep.
NC 12 Adams, Alma No Dem.
OH 3 Beatty, Joyce No Dem.
OH 4 Jordan, Jim No Rep.
OH 9 Kaptur, Marcy No Dem.
OH 11 Fudge, Marcia No Dem.
OH 13 Ryan, Tim No Dem.
OH 14 Joyce, David No Rep.
OK 1 Bridenstine, Jim No Rep.
OK 5 Russell, Steve No Rep.
OR 4 DeFazio, Peter No Dem.
PA 1 Brady, Robert No Dem.
PA 2 Fattah, Chaka No Dem.
PA 4 Perry, Scott No Rep.
PA 12 Rothfus, Keith No Rep.
PA 13 Boyle, Brendan No Dem.
PA 14 Doyle, Mike No Dem.
PA 17 Cartwright, Matthew No Dem.
RI 1 Cicilline, David No Dem.
RI 2 Langevin, Jim No Dem.
SC 3 Duncan, Jeff No Rep.
SC 5 Mulvaney, Mick No Rep.
TN 2 Duncan, John No Rep.
TN 9 Cohen, Steve No Dem.
TX 1 Gohmert, Louie No Rep.
TX 9 Green, Al No Dem.
TX 18 Jackson Lee, Sheila No Dem.
TX 20 Castro, Joaquin No Dem.
TX 26 Burgess, Michael No Rep.
TX 27 Farenthold, Blake No Rep.
TX 29 Green, Gene No Dem.
TX 33 Veasey, Marc No Dem.
TX 34 Vela, Filemon No Dem.
TX 35 Doggett, Lloyd No Dem.
VT Welch, Peter No Dem.
VA 1 Wittman, Robert No Rep.
VA 3 Scott, Bobby No Dem.
VA 7 Brat, Dave No Rep.
VA 9 Griffith, Morgan No Rep.
WA 7 McDermott, Jim No Dem.
WA 9 Smith, Adam No Dem.
WA 10 Heck, Denny No Dem.
WV 1 McKinley, David No Rep.
WV 2 Mooney, Alex No Rep.
WV 3 Jenkins, Evan No Rep.
WI 2 Pocan, Mark No Dem.
WI 4 Moore, Gwen No Dem.
WY Lummis, Cynthia No Rep.

Congressional Representatives Who Did Not Vote - 8
Dist. Name Party
AL 1 Byrne, Bradley Rep.
AK Young, Don Rep.
AZ 4 Gosar, Paul Rep.
FL 13 Jolly, David Rep.
IL 13 Davis, Rodney Rep.
MS 1 Kelly, Trent Rep.
NJ 10 Payne, Donald Dem.
SC 6 Clyburn, Jim Dem.
Congressional Representatives Who Voted Yes- 218
Dist Name Vote Party
AL 2 Roby, Martha Yes Rep.
AL 3 Rogers, Mike Yes Rep.
AL 7 Sewell, Terri Yes Dem.
AZ 2 McSally, Martha Yes Rep.
AZ 5 Salmon, Matt Yes Rep.
AZ 6 Schweikert, David Yes Rep.
AZ 8 Franks, Trent Yes Rep.
AR 1 Crawford, Eric Yes Rep.
AR 2 Hill, French Yes Rep.
AR 3 Womack, Steve Yes Rep.
AR 4 Westerman, Bruce Yes Rep.
CA 1 LaMalfa, Doug Yes Rep.
CA 4 McClintock, Tom Yes Rep.
CA 7 Bera, Ami Yes Dem.
CA 10 Denham, Jeff Yes Rep.
CA16 Costa, Jim Yes Dem.
CA 20 Farr, Sam Yes Dem.
CA 21 Valadao, David Yes Rep.
CA 22 Nunes, Devin Yes Rep.
CA 23 McCarthy, Kevin Yes Rep.
CA 25 Knight, Steve Yes Rep.
CA 39 Royce, Ed Yes Rep.
CA 42 Calvert, Ken Yes Rep.
CA 45 Walters, Mimi Yes Rep.
CA 49 Issa, Darrell Yes Rep.
CA 52 Peters, Scott Yes Dem.
CA 53 Davis, Susan Yes Dem.
CO 2 Polis, Jared Yes Dem.
CO 3 Tipton, Scott Yes Rep.
CO 5 Lamborn, Doug Yes Rep.
CO 6 Coffman, Mike Yes Rep.
CT 4 Himes, James Yes Dem.
FL 1 Miller, Jeff Yes Rep.
FL 3 Yoho, Ted Yes Rep.
FL 4 Crenshaw, Ander Yes Rep.
FL 6 DeSantis, Ron Yes Rep.
FL 7 Mica, John Yes Rep.
FL 12 Billirakis, Gus Yes Rep.
FL 15 Ross, Dennis Yes Rep.
FL 16 Buchanan, Vern Yes Rep.
FL 17 Rooney, Thomas Yes Rep.
FL 23 Wasserman Schultz, Debbie Yes Dem.
FL 25 Diaz-Balart, Mario Yes Rep.
FL 26 Curbelo, Carlos Yes Rep.
FL 27 Ros-Lehtinen, IIeana Yes Rep.
GA 1 Carter, Buddy Yes Rep.
GA 6 Price, Tom Yes Rep.
GA 7 Woodall, Rob Yes Rep.
GA 8 Scott, Austin Yes Rep.
GA 10 Hice, Jody Yes Rep.
GA 11 Loudermilk, Barry Yes Rep.
GA 12 Allen, Rick Yes Rep.
GA 14 Graves, Tom Yes Rep.
ID 2 Simpson, Mike Yes Rep.
IL 5 Quigley, Mike Yes Dem.
IL 6 Roskam, Peter Yes Rep.
IL 10 Dold, Bob Yes Rep.
IL 12 Bost, Mike Yes Rep.
IL 14 Hultgren, Randy Yes Rep.
IL 15 Shimkus, John Yes Rep.
IL 16 Kinzinger, Adam Yes Rep.
IN 2 Walonski, Jackie Yes Rep.
IN 3 Stutzman, Marlin Yes Rep.
IN 4 Rokita, Todd Yes Rep.
IN 5 Brooks, Susan Yes Rep.
IN 6 Messer, Luke Yes Rep.
IN 8 Bucshon, Larry Yes Rep.
IN 9 Young, Todd Yes Rep.
IA 1 Blum, Rod Yes Rep.
IA 3 Young, David Yes Rep.
IA 4 King, Steve Yes Rep.
KS 1 Huelskamp, Tim Yes Rep.
KS 2 Jenkins, Lynn Yes Rep.
KS 3 Yoder, Kevin Yes Rep.
KS 4 Pompeo, Mike Yes Rep.
KY 1 Whitfield, Ed Yes Rep.
KY 2 Guthrie, Brett Yes Rep.
KY 5 Rogers, Hal Yes Rep.
KY 6 Barr, Andy Yes Rep.
LA 1 Scalise, Steve Yes Rep.
LA 3 Boustany, Charles Yes Rep.
LA 5 Abraham, Ralph Yes Rep.
LA 6 Graves, Garret Yes. Rep.
MD 6 Delaney, John Yes Dem.
MI 1 Benishek, Dan Yes Rep.
MI 2 Huizenga, Bill Yes Rep.
MI 4 Moolenaar, John Yes Rep.
MI 6 Upton, Fred Yes Rep.
MI 7 Walberg, Tim Yes Rep.
MI 8 Bishop, Mike Yes Rep.
MI 10 Miller, Candice Yes Rep.
MI 11 Trott, Dave Yes Rep.
MN 2 Kline, John Yes Rep.
MN 3 Paulsen, Erik Yes Rep.
MN 6 Emmer, Tom Yes Rep.
MS 3 Harper, Gregg Yes Rep.
MS 4 Palazzo, Steven Yes Rep.
MO 2 Wagner, Ann Yes Rep.
MO 3 Luetkemeyer, Blaine Yes Rep.
MO 4 Hartzier, Vicky Yes Rep.
MO 6 Graves, Sam Yes Rep.
MO 7 Long, Billy Yes Rep.
MO 8 Smith, Jason Yes Rep.
MT Zinke, Ryan Yes Rep.
NE 1 Fortenberry, Jeff Yes Rep.
NE 2 Ashford, Brad Yes Dem.
NE 3 Smith, Adrian Yes Rep.
NV 2 Amodei, Mark Yes Rep.
NV 3 Heck, Joseph Yes Rep.
NV 4 Hardy, Cresent Yes Rep.
NH 1 Guinta, Frank Yes Rep.
NJ 7 Lance, Leonard Yes Rep.
NJ 11 Frelinghuysen, Rodney Yes Rep.
NY 2 King, Pete Yes Rep.
NY 4 Rice, Kathleen Yes Dem.
NY 5 Meeks, Gregory Yes Dem.
NY 21 Stefanik, Elise Yes Rep.
NY 22 Hanna, Richard Yes Rep.
NY 23 Reed, Tom Yes Rep.
NC 2 Elmers, Renee Yes Rep.
NC 5 Foxx, Virginia Yes Rep.
NC 6 Walker, Mark Yes Rep.
NC 7 Rouzer, David Yes Rep.
NC 8 Hudson, Richard Yes Rep.
NC 9 Pettenger, Robert Yes Rep.
NC 10 McHenry, Patrick Yes Rep.
NC 13 Holding, George Yes Rep.
ND Cramer, Kevin Yes Rep.
OH 1 Chabot, Kevin Yes Rep.
OH 2 Wenstrup, Brad Yes Rep.
OH 5 Latta, Robert Yes Rep.
OH 6 Johnson, Bill Yes Rep.
OH 7 Gibbs, Bob Yes Rep.
OH 8 Boehner, Bob Yes Rep.
OH 10 Turner, Michael Yes Rep.
OH 12 Tiberi, Pat Yes Rep.
OH 15 Stivers, Steve Yes Rep.
OH 16 Renacci, James Yes Rep.
OK 2 Mullin, Markwayne Yes Rep.
OK 3 Lucas, Frank Yes Rep.
OK 4 Cole, Tom Yes Rep.
OR 1 Bonamici, Suzanne Yes Dem.
OR 2 Walden, Greg Yes Rep.
OR 3 Blumenauer, Earl Yes Dem.
OR 5 Schrader, Kurt Yes Dem.
PA 3 Kelly, Mike Yes Rep.
PA 5 Thompson, Glenn Yes Rep.
PA 6 Costello, Ryan Yes Rep.
PA 7 Meehan, Patrick Yes Rep.
PA 8 Fitzpatrick, Michael Yes Rep.
PA 9 Shuster, Bill Yes Rep.
PA 10 Marino, Tom Yes Rep.
PA 11 Barletta, Lou Yes Rep.
PA 15 Dent, Charles Yes Rep.
PA 16 Pitts, Joseph Yes Rep.
PA 18 Murphy, Tim Yes Rep.
SC 1 Sanford, Mark Yes Rep.
SC 2 Wilson, Joe Yes Rep.
SC 4 Gowdy, Trey Yes Rep.
SC 7 Rice, Tom Yes Rep.
SD Noem, Kristi Yes Rep.
TN 1 Roe, Phil Yes Rep.
TN 3 Fleischmann, Chuck Yes Rep.
TN 4 DesJarlais, Scott Yes Rep.
TN 5 Cooper, Jim Yes Dem.
TN 6 Black, Diane Yes Rep.
TN 7 Blackburn, Marsha Yes Rep.
TN 8 Fincher, Stephen Yes Rep.
TX 2 Poe, Ted Yes Rep.
TX 3 Johnson, Sam Yes Rep.
TX 4 Ratcliffe, John Yes Rep.
TX 5 Hensarling, Jeb. Yes Rep.
TX 6 Barton, Joe Yes Rep.
TX 7 Culberson, John Yes Rep.
TX 8 Brady, Kevin Yes Rep.
TX 10 McCaul, Michael Yes Rep.
TX 11 Conaway, Michael Yes Rep.
TX 12 Granger, Kay Yes Rep.
TX 13 Thomberry, Mac Yes Rep.
TX 14 Weber, Randy Yes Rep.
TX 15 Hinojosa, Ruben Yes Dem.
TX 16 O'Rourke, Beto Yes Dem.
TX 17 Flores, Bill Yes Rep.
TX 19 Naugebauer, Randy Yes Rep.
TX 21 Smith, Lamar Yes Rep.
TX 22 Olson, Peter Yes Rep.
TX 23 Hurd, Will Yes Rep.
TX 24 Marchant, Kenny Yes Rep.
TX 25 Williams, Roger Yes Rep.
TX 28 Cuellar, Henry Yes Dem.
TX 30 Johnson, Eddie Yes Dem.
TX 31 Cater, John Yes Rep.
TX 32 Sessions, Pete Yes Rep.
TX 36 Babin, Brian Yes Rep.
UT 1 Bishop, Rob Yes Rep.
UT 2 Stewart, Chris Yes Rep.
UT 3 Chaffetz, Jason Yes Rep.
UT 4 Love, Mia Yes Rep.
VA 2 Rigell, Scott Yes Rep.
VA 4 Forbes, Randy Yes Rep.
VA 5 Hurt, Robert Yes Rep.
VA 6 Goodlatte, Bob Yes Rep.
VA 8 Beyer, Donald Yes Dem.
VA 10 Comstock, Barbara Yes Rep.
VA 11 Connolly, Gerald Yes Dem.
WA 1 DelBene, Suzan Yes Dem.
WA 2 Larsen, Rick Yes Dem.
WA 3 Herrera Beutler, Jaime Yes Rep.
WA 4 Newhouse, Dan Yes Rep.
WA 5 McMorris Rogers, Cathy Yes Rep.
WA 6 Kilmer, Derek Yes Dem.
WA 8 Reichert, David Yes Rep.
WI 1 Ryan, Paul Yes Rep.
WI 3 Kind, Ron Yes Dem.
WI 5 Sensenbrenner, James Yes Rep.
WI 6 Grothman, Glenn Yes Rep.
WI 7 Duffy, Sean Yes Rep.
WI 8 Ribble, Reid Yes Rep.